Search solutions

Ultimately its people making the company and its the right people who are making the difference. A good combination of professionals not only makes a goal achievable, but also more quickly attainable. The claim that people are the main value isn’t a startling one, but the fact that Ideatect really does everything within its power to get the right person in the right place is. Not succeeding feels like failure – this differs from: there is nothing to reproach us.

The focus of Ideatect is the active and personal recruiting of passive Candidates. We thus have an increase of qualified Candidates based on latent interested Candidates even before the Customer formulates his or her question. Recruitment and selection is thus in our view a process that takes a long preparation time, but we can subsequently deliver more quickly. However, lucky shots aren’t excluded (and are even more often likely to happen) but they’re not the basis of our success.

Ideatect immerses itself into your Organisation – corporate culture, goals, existing people – to paint a realistic picture of the candidate. The company, function and competence profile that subsequently emerges is the basis for the various support search methods (network, Internet, media and file search). A competency-based interview with the candidate and a reference check guarantees the final choice.