About us

To state that ideatect has a strong focus on the Manufacturing Industry as a search and interim office is an understatement: it’s all we do. Since 2000 we have only mediated in experienced bachelor and master Candidates: professionals in Management positions and Specialist roles in the Manufacturing Industry and directly affiliated Companies. There is a direct approach to Candidates and ‘talent sourcing’. Besides interim management capacity, Ideatect also provides temporary recruiters.


Ideatect enjoys working on the most challenging assignments from the customer’s perspective. Yet its candidates are equally important. It’s not visible to our client, but much of our time and attention goes to the professional who eventually must do the job. There will be no trading in C.V.’s; Candidates aren’t products that can be moved around. Neither our Client, nor our Candidate or Ideatect are to benefit from a non-optimum quick fix.

Our Strength

Choose Ideatect if you appreciate us for being specialised in your branch and area of expertise; that in addition to the more active part of the workforce we’re aiming at latent interested parties who move outside the scope of social media; we have a large (international) network; we know the experiences and perspectives from all stakeholders; we love a no-nonsense approach; we go for a long-term relationship with our Clients; that we stand for a thorough search and thorough feedback.

'If Ideatect can’t make it, no one can.' 'As a Candidate I’m being treated respectfully, not as a solution to somebody else’s problem.' 'Ideatect assures a perfect feedback regarding the market.' 'This agency is at home with Specialists in manufacturing.' 'Ideatect has knowledge regarding our Organisation and the positions that matter.' 'With their approach, Ideatect traces Candidates that wouldn’t have surfaced otherwise.' 'I have always been impressed with the people you have managed to turn up with.' 'Our refinery inspection department is certainly stronger thanks to Ideatect.'